I think anyone who knows me a little bit knows I kinda like REM. I have forgiven them for a few iffy albums (Around The Sun) and find beauty in some of the derided albums (Up & Reveal). They are one of the bands whose output has soundtracked parts of my life since I was 17/18. Some albums (Document, Out of Time & New Adventures in HiFi) are probably some of the most played records that I own. 

New albums can be a worry but Accelerate worked and the new release doesn’t disappoint. I’m only on the second listen of Collapse Into Now but it has some great songs. I’m not going to do a track by track review. You can find a million words out there. This interview with Mr Stipe is pretty good though. There’s also this one which I’ve yet to read (see I’m so up to date I’m ahead of myself).

So here’s my contribution to the new album experience……..

A little interview thing…

….currently my favourite song on the album… (subject to immediate change)

….and finally the free gift (unreleased but excellent quality. Caveats as normal. Post take downs if you are offended by it’s presence!)

REM Live in Paris

18 tracks from a tour in between ‘Up’ & ‘Reveal’. Release quality stuff which includes ‘The Great Beyond’ & ‘Imitation of Life’ , two of my favourite later songs.

01 Imitation Of Life

02 The Great Beyond

03 What’s The Frequency Kenneth

04 All The Way To Reno

05 Day Sleeper

06 I’ve Been High

07 Electrolite

08 The Lifting

09 At My Most Beautiful

10 I’ll Take The Rain

11 The One I Love

12 She Just Wants To Be

13 Walk Unafraid

14 Losing My Religion

15 Man On the Moon

16 So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)

17 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

18 Imitation of Life

It’s a good listen. Given I’ve seen a few downloads before it’s been posted it must be likable. Several more on the HD if comments are favourable.

Walk unafraid true believers 🙂


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4 responses to “REM

  1. 1- Good grief. Peter Buck looks like someone of one of those, “mature”, websites. His hair cut is worse than mine!
    Bitching aside, “Collapse Into Now”, sounds like they’re on top form.
    As you know I have never been totally wowed by REM but I do concede that they have their moments and this sounds like one of their better ones :¬)

    2- I’d buy it if all the CD shops hadn’t gone out of business.

    3- Amused by the comments on YouTube: Wow! They’re old but they sound good. Googling for my funeral plan as soon as I leave this site then!

    2(a) If I may be forgiven for returning to point 2 on the grounds of premature senility, how come da yout got no respect for high fidelity sound reproduction? Is it because they can’t afford a proper hi-fi sound system or they just never heard it?

  2. Wardy…

    Buck Hair….the comb over is making a return. It’s an austerity Britain post war thing…
    Album. Well worth it but so is the Dublin Olympia live album ….but the J Mascis album is pure gold….tough choices…
    other… One day i must show you iRig & Amplitube. It makes me wish for musical ability…. check this

    • Cor! *drools*
      I want one of those!!!
      Unfortunately don’t possess an iPhone or iPad though…

      • It’s a learning curve but fun. There’s an 8-Track recorder and you can import from the Korg app which is also infinite fun. Also Beatwave which is a bit more disco as the kids say. When I sort my tech out I’ll post my first composition ‘Cacaphony Without Form II’

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