Excellent news! New Radiohead media deluge coming. King of Limbs album notified and on order. Downloads on Saturday, artifacts to follow.

Radiohead are one of the bands I’ve obsessed over in the past and I have spent a lot of time on them. Whilst ‘In Rainbows’ was good it wasn’t great but I did spring for the box set.

Same with the new one, the ‘News Paper’ edition looks to be a great piece of art if everything I’ve read comes through. Crossed fingers, audio review on Sunday. I’m not a music critic (I’ve got a real job) but my ears have been around. Radiohead are one of those rare creative commodities that need to be treasured.

So, as a shameless act of self promotion this post is bagged and tagged RADIOHEAD!

First, here’s the band playing the ‘In Rainbows’ album on Scotch Mist. Amazing stuff and great to see live….

Next, a great BBC 2008 broadcast. Mainly ‘In Rainbows’ again.

Radiohead – BBC 2008

 01 – Intro

02 – Bodysnatchers

03 – All I Need

04 – Nude

05 – Airbag

06 – Reckoner

07 – The Tourist

08 – House of Cards

09 – Weird Fishes

10 – Lucky

11 – Everything In It’s Right Place

12 – Outro

13 – Faust Arp

…… and closing this out a brilliant 1993 show from the Black Sessions in Paris. Artwork included from the original source. All early material from the first album & ‘The Bends’

Radiohead – Paris – 1993

01 – The Bends

02 – Prove Yourself

03 – You

04 – Vegetable

05 – Creep

06 – Lurgee

07 – Ripcord

08 – Rhinestone Cowboy

09 – Stop Whispering

10 – Anyone Can Play Guitar

11 – Pop Is dead

12 – Blowout

Both of the above recordings are readily available elsewhere and to the best of my knowledge commercially unreleased. If anyone has any issue with making these available, please let me know and I’ll remove the links immediately.

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  1. Mark

    This looks amazing! Will check back when I got more time.
    Still only got the unfinished, pre-release download of In Rainbows.
    Can you get the BBC to put the HD version of this on their iPlayer?

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