Sweet Apple

Once upon a time, on a Friday night, I would rush home, throw on some loud music, eat a sandwich and head out for a big night. These days it’s pizza or Chinese and film night with the boys. It’s still fun…..just not as noisy and also without the headache on Saturday morning.

So today I received a CD through the mail all the way from the US of A. My main man J Mascis had a good hand in the new album from Sweetapple. It’s a good ‘ole rock album and would have been top Friday thrash music in the old days. Even the cover references some retro Roxy…..

Heres a video from one of the tracks. Good to see J smiling!

…..and some links…..


http://www.myspace.com/sweetapplesongs  (yes, MySpace is still going…)

…and to close this out, back to the main man J Mascis…. Another free download from the SubPop (great label) from the forthcoming album. It’s described as an acoustic album, that’s not an acoustic noise!

J Mascis – Is It Done

I really like this one…….

Have a good weekend doing what ever you do.

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