Not well today. Nasty bug, probably gifted from middle child so between attending to the symptoms and keeping on top of email I’ve been digging around in the nether regions of hard drives. The results are two wholly un-connected bits of……. stuff..

Number one is a scan from an old newspaper article. This is from Winchester in the mid eighties I guess and shows me and a lady called Sarah James who was the studio technician in the printmaking department of Winchester School of Art. Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and always on hand. I had peaks and troughs at WSA but feel very privileged to have experienced one of last real fine art educations in an old school establishment. At least I came out of it with a decent degree. Stories I hear from current University students (particularly in Fine Art) fill me with sadness. Winchester (now part of Southampton Uni) even scrapped (yes, scrapped!!!) its amazing Eagle Relief Press. If only the floor in my house could take the weight.

Perhaps thankfully, you can’t see the detail in the print I’m holding. It was quite rude and made for the event.¬†Marginally insulting to the expected crowd. I wasn’t really sales focused at the time.

Local Winchester paper article from mid eighties

The second thing to offer you is this little song. One of Cap’n Bob’s finest played by Mick Taylor. Now I love & respect Ronnie Wood but every Stones album with Mick on is solid gold. Press play…..

Next…..a new recipes page….

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