Lots of new pictures now added to the #Hipstamatic Eye Candy page. The past week-end was full of children’s parties, one being held at the City Farm, St Anne’s, Nottingham. My first visit but a great place that I hope survives the onslaught of current ideology.

All of the pictures posted are either from the farm or the fish dinner that followed.

As long as you open the page in a separate window you can listen to the following whilst you have a look at the pictures. There would probably be better times or more appropriate themes to tag this onto but it’s such a beautiful song it doesn’t matter. This is Jeff Buckley singing with Liz Fraser. Liz sang an outstanding version of one of Jeff’s fathers most ephemeral compositions ‘Song to the Siren’ when she assisted with the 4AD band ‘This Mortal Coil’.

The voices of both artists are unique and you should look them up if you don’t already know them. As far as I know this is the only song that has come to light and has never been properly released. Liz & Jeff had a brief relationship before Jeff’s accidental death.


I have to add this. If you mention ‘Song to the Siren’ you really should play it. This is Tim Buckley on the final episode of the Monkee’s TV show from 1968. I loved the Monkees when I was young and their hits album was probably the first album I ever owned. I’m sure they contributed to my love of music. Any way, here’s Tim Buckley with hair, a guitar and a truely mythic song….

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