I was appalled (and probably a little confused) when I read about this. Fish are being encouraged to fight for the entertainment of the tabloid reading immoral majority. What next? Dolphin Dodgems! Jellyfish Juggling? The modern world is strange and perverse.

Fish Fighting is not only wrong but a very impractical spectator sport, so say ‘No!’ and watch this informative film…..

…..and then sign the petition  on this page. I did and I feel good about myself momentarily.

Seriously though. EU fishing quotas have been insane for years. Social networking will make a huge difference to a wide range of political & moral issues. Use it.

I like fish but like everyone who shops in ‘the Big Three’ I have seen prices increase massivly in the last couple of years whilst at the same time the range has gone down. This is not supply & demand. We are only offered stock that the supplier can maximise its margin on.

Last week I took the boys to our local market and was shocked that only about a third of the butchers and fishmongers still opened on a Saturday afternoon. We bought a whole fresh octopus and some squid. The octopus was the size of G’s head and cost £1.60! After working out how to splice & dice the little devil I made two different dishes from it (can post recipies if you want!).

Any way…..if you are going to eat fish, eat the lot, then sing along……

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One response to “Fish!

  1. Obiwwwan

    Yay… Catch it, kill it, throw it back dead….!!
    Best conservation method ever….!!
    Makes perfect sence to me….!!

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