Blue Post

I guess if you want to post the Blues, it doesn’t get any bluer than the Stones. There are a lot of Rolling Stones bootlegs out there and I know some folks prefer complete shows or full sessions.

However, as an absolute beginner I’ll wade against the tide and let you have a compilation. This has the grabbing you title of ‘Acoustic Motherf***ers’. Mainly accurate although not all are completely acoustic. They are early seventies, Mick Taylor era studio takes and the set includes a great version of ‘All Down The Line’ with Mick looking for the words.

The set has been added to with ‘extras’ including Keef singing ‘Cocaine’ which I haven’t come across before. There’s also a version of ‘C***sucker Blues’. Not the final version from the movie, but an early acoustic one with a great Essex accent from Mick. All very wrong!

Heres the full track listing. There are more details and info in the archive, plus some artwork.

Dear Doctor ( 3:28 ) (“Take one”)
You got the Silver ( 2:50 )  [Mick sings it all]
Family ( 4:12 )
No Expectations ( 2:50 )  (great version)
Sister Morphine ( 5:36 )   (great version)
Blood Red Wine ( 5:18 )
Country Honk ( 3:04 )
You can’t always get what you want ( 6:42 )
You gotta move ( 2:35 )  (great version)
Wild Horses ( 5:31 )        (great version, no overdubs)
All down the line ( 4:21 )
Cocksucker Blues ( 3:30 )
Dead flowers ( 4:07 )
Angie ( 4:33 )

The Worst
Out of Tears
Sweethearts Together
Crying, waiting, hoping
Please please

The link is via Megaupload. Sorry if you don’t love Mega but hey, at this stage it’s free and it works.

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