Steve Harley – Nottingham Glee Club

Steve Harley Nottingham Glee Club 19/11/10

Friday night was music night. Steve Harley played a brilliant gig at the Glee Club in Nottingham with two band mates.

He played a wide ranging set from Judy Teen all the way up to tracks from his current album Stranger Comes To Town. We got the original version of ‘Come Up and See Me’, ‘All the Men Are Hungry’ ‘Tumbling Down’ (Steve on harp), ‘Mr Soft’ and so much more…

He remains a strong and unique song writer, great lyricist and sparkling performer. Given how long I’ve know and loved his work (‘Sebastian’ came out when I was 10!) this is the first time I’ve seen him live.

Here is a little sound & sight collage with ‘Sebastian’ playing live (extended prog V) and including Hipstamatic pics and Splice editing, virtually all via iPhone.

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