Mobile Gigs

Lou Reed - Berlin Show (Royal Centre, Nottingham)

 Today’s selection of images is a group collected from live concerts & gigs over the last couple of years. All came from one of two or three mobile phones so are low res given the environments and the capabilities of mobile cameras. I like them personally for their directness.

Mobile phone cameras are ubiquitous now and there must be thousands of images posted by people across the world every hour of the day. It’s an incredible thought when you consider that 10 years ago or less you would be frisked going into a concert venue and any camera you had confiscated.

If there was any truth in the supposition that photographs stole a little of your soul then most modern day performers would be hollow soulless zombies roaming the surface of the earth looking for their next meal without any concern for art or music.

I’m pleased to say that all of the events I’ve seen don’t give any credence to this notion.

Check the gallery page for more images.

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